Arm tingling or numbness as a result of a car accident may indicate a serious injury to spinal nerves coming from the cervical spine.  I’ve treated many patients that has experienced severe pain, numbness or weakness in their hands after being in a car accident.  The key to getting these types of symptoms resolved is making sure to get treatment to the neck as soon as possible.  Many times people experience pain or numbness in their arms and think to themselves the numbness will eventually go away with time and rest.  Most of the time this doesn’t happen due to injuries to the disks in the neck as well as the nerves being pinched from the trauma of being in a car accident.  Another reason for neck pain or tingling in the arms is sprain of the ligaments in the neck.  The only way for people to know if they have a sprain of the ligaments in their cervical spine is to visit your chiropractor immediately after a car accident.  You will be properly evaluated and diagnosed to know what injuries may have occurred in a car accident.  Once this takes place, proper treatment must be established to help the body heal over time.  If you are experiencing arm tingling or numbness from a car accident, pick up the phone and call Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center now at 850-402-9060.


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