Back Pain


Severe back pain

If you are suffering from back or neck pain from herniated or bulging discs we may have a solution for you.  Often times many people go the traditional route of taking addictive pain medications that do not produce the desired pain relief they are searching for and that is unfortunate.  Others have tried spinal injections or other forms of therapy

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Nerve Pain

Diabetic nerve pain can be very debilitating to people that suffer with it.  Often times these people have a feeling of hopelessness and overall frustration from their current situation.  These people usually take medications such as Lyrica or Gabapentin to achieve relief of the pain or numbness in their feet, and usually these medications do NOT resolve their pain or

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Car Accident Injuries

Arm tingling or numbness as a result of a car accident may indicate a serious injury to spinal nerves coming from the cervical spine.  I’ve treated many patients that has experienced severe pain, numbness or weakness in their hands after being in a car accident.  The key to getting these types of symptoms resolved is making sure to get treatment

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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is one of many beneficial chiropractic treatments that we provide here at Dynamic Spine and Wellness. With our proven methods and techniques, back surgery or continuing pain and suffering doesn’t have to impact your life on a daily basis. Many people often resort to pain medications that mask the underlying cause of their back pain instead of

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Low back pain

Low back pain is a serious issue that many people suffer from.  Perhaps you have had an experience dealing with debilitating low back pain that renders you helpless.  Millions of people suffer from low back pain and they don’t know what to do to alleviate their pain.  There are a number of commercials for drugs that mask the underlying cause

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