Collision Related Injuries

Bodily injury caused by acceleration and deceleration is commonly known as whiplash.  This can cause ligamentous instability(sparain) and muscle tearing(strain).  Common symptoms of neck or lowback sprain/strain includes neck pain, headaches, numbness, tingling, or pain into the arms and hands, low back pain that may radiate down into legs and feet.  X-rays may reveal that there are no fractures or broken bones.  Biomechanical instability may be causing nerve root pressure, swelling and muscle spasm.  If you are suffering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision proper diagnosis and treatment must take place immediately.  Here at Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center you will receive computerized physical medicine for diagnosis and treatment that is gentle and effective.  Helping your body to reach optimum recovery by restoring normal body movement, strength and spinal posture.  Give us a call today at 850-402-9061.

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