Disc bulges and disc herniations can be extremely painful for many people.  When people find that they have a disc bulge or herniation, this can be devastating news.  Many are left wondering what their options are regarding safe and effective treatments.  Many people fear back surgeries or having a poor quality of life for many years due to just dealing with their pain.  Perhaps you are suffering from a bulging or herniated disc and you don’t know what to do or where to go.  Perhaps you’ve tried spinal injections without any positive results.  Perhaps you’ve tried exercises to strengthen your core muscles without having much success.  If you’ve tried these many treatments without any success, it’s time for you to open your mind to a more effective treatment option that is safe, effective and results driven.  Spinal decompression therapy if a highly effective treatment for spinal disc bulges or herniations.  With the correct diagnosis, diagnostic studies, evaluation and treatment, spinal decompression therapy is an excellent non surgical treatment of spinal disc bulges and herniations.  If you’ve been diagnosed with having a bulging or herniated disc, call Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center today for your consultation at 850-402-9061.


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