Head Injuries and Car Accidents

Head injuries during car accidents can have long lasting effects well after the trauma has taken place.  Post- concussion syndrome can produce debilitating headaches, temporary loss of memory, decreased cognitive recognition among a host of other negative effects of brain function.   Often times people complain that their thoughts are foggy and they can’t think clearly after sustaining a head injury during a car accident.  Many people unknowingly brush off these symptoms from their car accident as just hitting their head on the side windows or when their head hits the airbag.  These traumas are very serious and proper medical treatment and evaluation of this trauma must take place as soon as possible to receive the proper diagnosis and care.  After receiving an evaluation for your head trauma you need to call a chiropractic physician that can help your body heal properly from injuries you’ve sustained from your car accident.  If you are suffering from headaches, blurred vision, foggy thinking, neck pain, mid back pain, or low back pain from a car accident, pick up the phone and call Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center now at 850-402-9061 to schedule your appointment.

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