Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can affect many people by hindering their ability to enjoy life.  Nerve pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause weakness in the hands along with constant discomfort that doesn’t seem to go away.  This leads to an inability to open objects, dropping objects, general pain and discomfort that can impact sleeping or general well-being.  People that type for a living for many years will eventually develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Overuse of the small muscle and tendons at the wrist causes a band of fiber that goes over the carpal tunnel at the wrist to shorten and compress the nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel.  Over time this creates a severe compression on the nerve causing damage and inflammation.  At Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center we have protocols to help relieve compression and inflammation from your carpal tunnel.  Our procedures are safe, gentle and utilizes that newest advances in technology to treat your nerves that pass through your wrist.  Call us today and schedule your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome evaluation at 850-402-9061.

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