Peripheral neuropathy effects millions of people in the United States and these people are left wondering what can be done to help reduce or even get rid of the pain, burning, or numbness in their hands or feet.  People are often bombarded with commercials that promote pharmaceutical drugs that have shown to provide temporary relief of the debilitating symptoms of neuropathy, but many people are looking for a long term solution to their problem.  Many people are suffering from nerve pain due to diabetes, long term statin drug usage, chemotherapy treatments, agent orange exposure, etc.  We have seen many patients suffer from neuropathy and this has greatly limited their quality of life.  People who are suffering from neuropathy are unable to enjoy spending time with their families, or walk with good balance, perform daily activities without severe burning in their feet.  If you are tired of suffering from these symptoms you may be a candidate for Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center’s peripheral neuropathy treatment.  Pick up the phone and call now to schedule an appointment for an evaluation to see if you’re a candidate for this extraordinary treatment.  Call us at 850-402-9061 now!

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