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Lose Weight Quickly, Safely and Naturally

Have you tried to lose weight only to regain it? Are you done chasing the latest fad diet? Western medicine and diet culture offer diets, drugs and surgeries that may address certain symptoms, but fail to address the real cause of your weight gain.

At Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center, Dr. Powell uses a holistic approach to customize a weight loss plan specific to your needs. No one-size-fits-all program here. Depending on your goals, within 3-12 weeks 

Dr. Powell can help you lose that stubborn weight and teach you how to keep it off.

Client has an autoimmune condition that prevented her from even exercising for years. For the first time in two years she was able to run a mile and a half.

She also suffered from chronic pain, that has improved as well. She can sleep about 6 hours up from 4 and she has much more energy instead of being tired and lethargic.

Client is in a 5 week Candida Weight Loss program. This program focuses on getting to the underlying cause of weight gain. She’s eating foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature as well as foods that help to remove Candida Albicans from the body naturally. 

She’s also on a nutritional supplementation program that helps to heal and detoxify the body. Our program also addresses turning her body from fat storing into fat burning by increasing her body’s ability to make more fat burning hormones naturally.

How it works?

  1. Simple Symptom Assessment - This short survey helps determine how best to stimulate your fat-burning hormones.
  2. Top Four - Dr. Powell determines your top four areas of focus.
  3. Customized Program - Taking into account your specific goals and body type, Dr. Powell utilizes nutrition guidance, natural supplements, whole body interval training, detox wraps and more to create a plan specific to you.
  4. Weekly Consultations - Check in on your progress with regular meetings with Dr. Powell.

Certain medical conditions may contribute to stubborn weight gain. Do any of the following apply to you? Dr. Powell can help!

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Menopause
  • Depression and Anxiety

Real Reviews: What Our Practice Members Say

  • Dr. Powell is absolutely amazing! He provides a level of care that I haven't received at any other doctors' office. He uses a very natural approach to healing and takes the time to explain treatment options so that its understandable and patients know exactly what to expect. I look forward to going in for my visits because I know I am going to leave feeling so much better.

    Highly recommended!!!

    Update: Dr. Powell now offers weight loss treatment. I have tried everything, and I mean everything but nothing worked for me because I had other health issues that kept interrupting my progress. I had great results from my previous chiropractic treatment with him so I felt like giving the weight loss treatment a try. I investigated the website and then attended one of his free weight loss classes and signed up that same night. I started seeing immediate results within the first week. My endocrinologist was amazed at my lab reports and happy that I was finally able to lose weight. As a result, I was taken off one of my medications and I am so happy with my overall results.

    I still definitely highly, highly recommend!

    J. Maharaj Avatar
    J. Maharaj
  • Pamela Avatar
  • Dr. Powell is very professional and well educated. He cares about all of his clients and always watches out for their safety while treating them. He is honest and is very good about explaining how and why he does each exercise. I would recommend him to anyone experiencing neck/back pain or numbness. His assistant/receptionist is very kind and professional as well. She is always willing to help me find a time which will work for me. This practice deserves a 5/5!

    Laney Mosteller Avatar
    Laney Mosteller
  • I highly recommend this local business!

    Pamela Self Avatar
    Pamela Self
  • Dr. Powell changed my life. I am forever grateful for his spinal decompression program. I have a few herniated disk in my neck and was suffering from terrible neuropathy and pain in my right arm. After being examined and starting my healing program, it felt like no time before I was completely pain and tingling free. If you are suffering from any related issues please do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Powell!

    Benjamin Staccz Avatar
    Benjamin Staccz
  • 5 star ratingA+++ I was having so many health problems and didn't know if anyone could help me. I was seeing a gynecologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, an ear nose and throat specialist and my primary care physician but they weren't communicating and I wasn't getting any better. I started seeing Dr. Powell and he treated me using a holistic approach. I started noticing a difference in how I feel, my energy and mood. AND my skin started to clear up but the best part is that I started doing one of the weight loss programs and for the first time in years, I was able to lose almost 20lbs in a very healthy way and I've kept it off! If you have struggled with hormonal issues or have a lot of digestive problems, I would highly recommend go see Dr. Powell.

    Jt M. Avatar
    Jt M.
  • Marcus Davis Avatar
    Marcus Davis
  • Highly recommended! Dr. Powell is extremely professional and educated, and really takes his time listening and explaining. He is also by far, the kindest and most humble doctor I’ve ever visited with. (I also want to point out that I really rely on reviews, as I’m sure most of us do, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen another business with a perfect 5 Start rating...very commendable! 😊)

    Yuleisys Torres Avatar
    Yuleisys Torres
  • Justin Knight Avatar
    Justin Knight
  • Dr. Powell is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from lower back pain.

    Kyle Andree Avatar
    Kyle Andree
  • Dr. Powell is absolutely amazing! He provides a level of care that I haven't received at any other doctors' office. He uses a very natural approach to healing and takes the time to explain treatment options so that its understandable and patients know exactly what to expect. I look forward to going in for my visits because I know I am going to leave feeling so much better.

    Highly recommended!!!

    J. Maharaj Avatar
    J. Maharaj
  • My husband suffered with neuropathy in his legs and feet for three years and tried many failed products with promises of relief. It wasn’t until he began treatment with Dr. Powell that things begin to change. His quality of life has improved tremendously!!! I’ve witnessed the transformation of his energy level from being tired and exhausted to energetic and on the go again. The foot pain kept him from doing the things that he loved the most one of which is working out, but now he can’t wait to get to the gym or run the stairs. Dr. Powell listens and truly cares about his patients. Both he and his staff are kind and patient. I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to see my husband finally find a non medication pain reliever rather than the band-aid of medications that were partial and temporary relief.

    Al Masi Avatar
    Al Masi
  • been dealing with a football related neck injury for over 6 years, came to Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center for my therapy hoping that i will feel better and this the best i have ever felt and now i am able to enjoy my nights rest, family events, exercising, a day of rest etc. without complaining about my neck injury as well as numbness in my hand thanks to Dr. Powell

    Willie Ferrell Avatar
    Willie Ferrell
  • I would definitely recommend Dr. Powell to anyone. Miss Wendy is the most kind and loving assistant. My time there was well spent, as I causually felt my pain decrease, week by week. I'm still a working progress, but they are a great help hand

    Sharonda Burke Avatar
    Sharonda Burke
  • Dr. Powell is my God send...the answer to my many prayers. He is amazingly thorough, caring, and very professional. His assistant Christina is so sweet and professional as well. I can not thank them enough for what they have done for me thus far and look forward to being a lifelong patient/friend with them. I highly recommend Dr. Powell. I am so very thankful I found him.

    Sheila Durrance Avatar
    Sheila Durrance
  • My back seized up on me pretty good, so I knew it was time to stop putting of going to see someone about it. Dr. Powell gave me a sound evaluation and talked me through everything he was doing to help. Within a handful of visits, I was pain free. I highly recommend him!

    Mike Fahmie Avatar
    Mike Fahmie
  • Dr. Powell is knowledgeable and patient. Best chiropractor I've been to in years

    Kim Fahmie Avatar
    Kim Fahmie
  • Dr. Powell and his staff have been so helpful! I've been going to this facility for the past month daily and each time every one is so friendly. Dr. Powell is very knowledgeable, he made sure I was aware of what injuries I have, and is working extremely hard to assist me in the healing process. Very pleased with his work

    Roya Wilson Avatar
    Roya Wilson
  • First, Bennie the office assistant was so pleasant and understanding during the appointment scheduling process. It was great to be able to communicate with a live person rather than an answering program. Next, the personal touch of customer service set apart Dr Powell's practice from others, and it was quite apparent when i stepped into the office for the first time. Dr. Powell is thorough in his examination & consultation. You sense he's more interested in improving your condition than anything else. Yes, I recommend Dynamic Spine & Wellness Ctr, Tallahassee.

    Che Lo Avatar
    Che Lo
  • Very professional and knowledgeable. A pleasure to visit his office.

    Norman Shrader Avatar
    Norman Shrader
  • Great staff and good people.

    Robert Clary Avatar
    Robert Clary
  • Bernadette Knight Avatar
    Bernadette Knight
  • When I first came to Dynamic Spine, I was in so much pain from sciatica that I couldn't sit, stand or walk. In just three sessions, the pain was nearly gone and now I have no pain whatsoever. I go once a month as maintenance because it is worth it to me not to endure that debilitating pain again. Dr. Powell gave me back a crucial part of my life! And Miss Bennie is always a joy to see. On top of that, I almost never have to wait! I'm in and out and feeling great. I highly recommend Dynamic Spine for quality care and service.

    Gail Altman Avatar
    Gail Altman
  • Tiffany Johnson Avatar
    Tiffany Johnson
  • Dr. Powell and Bennie are very professional and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Aaron Spotts Avatar
    Aaron Spotts
  • My mom is a new patient of Dr. Powell's. She received top notch service and care from Ms. Bennie and Dr. Powell. I highly recommend Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center for all of your chiropractic needs.

    Anisha Banks Avatar
    Anisha Banks
  • Dr. Powell and Bennie are friendly, respectful and efficient. My children and I enjoy getting treatments and Dr. Powell is always willing to listen to any concerns. Bennie is so pleasant both in person and on the phone.

    Ana Serena Weeks Avatar
    Ana Serena Weeks
  • My experience here was very pleasant and helpful

    Keshia Brown Avatar
    Keshia Brown
  • Warm Welcome From Bennie# She's a Asset to This Business.Dr. Powell also was understanding and Very Professional.I feel like He actually genuine Care for His Clients. I am looking forward for My Treatment Sessions.GOD'S JESUS BLESSINGS to Both of You.Thanks Again!??

    Tanneshia Turner Avatar
    Tanneshia Turner
  • Dr. Powell and his assistant Bennie were kind and welcoming during my visits. Always a smile. I felt that they genuinely cared about my issues. Five stars!!

    Seth Johnson Avatar
    Seth Johnson
  • When I first injured my back I was in so much pain and it felt like none of the health care providers I saw tried to really help me. I was prescribed narcotics (which did nothing for the pain) and referred to a neurosurgeon, who could not see me for over 2 weeks. I called Dr. Powell’s office and explained my situation to Bennie. Bennie was so kind and was able to fit me in the same day. Dr. Powell was very empathetic. He could see that I truly was in pain and genuinely wanted to help me recover. Which was such a relief!!! Finally someone who was willing to help me!!! With his help I’ve made significant progress over the last 6 weeks. Dr. Powell’s assistant Bennie is so lovely, kind and caring. Together she and Dr. Powell make a great team. I am so thankful for their help!

    Natalie Steers-Matousek Avatar
    Natalie Steers-Matousek
  • Very friendly office and relaxing atmosphere. Always a short wait and feel great when I leave.

    Doyle Naffziger Avatar
    Doyle Naffziger
  • Wonderful doctor and staff, always leave with my neck and back feeling great!

    Beth Christiansen Avatar
    Beth Christiansen
  • Great service and very comfortable atmosphere. Dr.powell and receptionist bennie are great!

    Gigi Phillips Avatar
    Gigi Phillips
  • Best care in town I have been visiting this office for a while now and they are absolutely flexible with your schedule. Thank you so much!

    Dontressa Smith Avatar
    Dontressa Smith
  • I had chronic pain in the mid & lower back sections. Dr. Powell is very patient to listen, expalined the treatment plan in detail and have all the skils to diagnose and fix the pain. One more good this is ..he is very flexible with the appointment times. i would highly recomend him!!

    Bhaskar Sameneni Avatar
    Bhaskar Sameneni
  • My mother is a patient of Dr Powell. She is very pleased with his compassion shown her each visit. My Mothet is 86 years old. Mother stated she wish he had treated her years ago for her back and knee issues. Thank you Dr. Powell, from a Moms Loving Daughter

    Bennie Clary Avatar
    Bennie Clary
  • Shaniqua Smith Avatar
    Shaniqua Smith
  • Dr. Powell and Mrs. Bennie provide such a great atmosphere and they work with your schedule. They make you feel like your more than just a number. Dr. Powell definitely makes sure you leave better than you came. I couldn't ask for a better doctor!

    Tyawna B Avatar
    Tyawna B
  • Dr. Powell is an outstanding chiropractor and physician. I have been a patient of his for almost two years and have throughly enjoyed my viisits and treatments. He is simply the BEST!!!!

    Anthony Woodley Avatar
    Anthony Woodley
  • Malcolm Tyrell Pearson Avatar
    Malcolm Tyrell Pearson
  • I've always had chronic back pain, but feel so much better after seeing Dr.Powell! He really took the time to listen and performed diagnostics to determine what my problems were and came up with a plan that was totally reasonable. Highly recommended!

    Brittany First Avatar
    Brittany First
  • Rachel Weeks Avatar
    Rachel Weeks
  • I was very happy with my initial consultation with Dr. Powell. He was very thorough in telling me about what was causing my issues and what he could do to help me.

    Norm Munyon Avatar
    Norm Munyon
  • When I first came to Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center I was in a lot of pain from two disc bulges that had previously been treated by other doctors and surgeons for 12+ months with shots, pain meds and muscle relaxers, all of which were only masking the pain and not treating the issue. For the first time during my back issue I do not feel like a number, I feel like a person whose health is an actual concern to the staff at DSAWC. The personnel at the office has been kind, courteous and caring to my needs all while staying very professional. They ask me every day how I am feeling, what is my pain level and then they proceed with what they think/know is best for me. I am not even half way done with my treatment but already feel better everyday. Before I came to DSAWC, everyday was a bad day from the pain I was in and I was beginning to fall more and more into depression from fear that I would never get the relief I needed to continue working and doing the things I have always loved to do and also being scared that surgery was my only option with no guarantee that it would help. Now I may have a bad day here and there, however their goal is to make me have more good days than bad and that truly means more to me than words can explain. Do yourself a favor if you are suffering from back pain and go see them, you won't regret it other than not going sooner.

    Tara Brown Westmoreland Avatar
    Tara Brown Westmoreland
  • Dr. Powell knows his stuff and has his office up to the standard. Keep up the amazing work Dr. Powell and your amazing staff!

    Mike Goldstein Avatar
    Mike Goldstein
  • Pam Wester Avatar
    Pam Wester
  • Ana Serena Weeks Avatar
    Ana Serena Weeks
  • Rachel Claire Weeks Avatar
    Rachel Claire Weeks
  • Dr. Powell is more than a physician, he's a friend. He truly cares. Bennie, his assistant and I were conversing and she said he is just a good man, and I couldn't agree more.

    Tammy Hockensmith Huba Avatar
    Tammy Hockensmith Huba
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