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Lose Weight Quickly, Safely and Naturally

Have you tried to lose weight only to regain it? Are you done chasing the latest fad diet? Western medicine and diet culture offer diets, drugs and surgeries that may address certain symptoms, but fail to address the real cause of your weight gain.

At Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center, Dr. Powell uses a holistic approach to customize a weight loss plan specific to your needs. No one-size-fits-all program here. Depending on your goals, within 3-12 weeks 

Dr. Powell can help you lose that stubborn weight and teach you how to keep it off.

Client has an autoimmune condition that prevented her from even exercising for years. For the first time in two years she was able to run a mile and a half.

She also suffered from chronic pain, that has improved as well. She can sleep about 6 hours up from 4 and she has much more energy instead of being tired and lethargic.

Client is in a 5 week Candida Weight Loss program. This program focuses on getting to the underlying cause of weight gain. She’s eating foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature as well as foods that help to remove Candida Albicans from the body naturally. 

She’s also on a nutritional supplementation program that helps to heal and detoxify the body. Our program also addresses turning her body from fat storing into fat burning by increasing her body’s ability to make more fat burning hormones naturally.

How it works?

  1. Simple Symptom Assessment - This short survey helps determine how best to stimulate your fat-burning hormones.
  2. Top Four - Dr. Powell determines your top four areas of focus.
  3. Customized Program - Taking into account your specific goals and body type, Dr. Powell utilizes nutrition guidance, natural supplements, whole body interval training, detox wraps and more to create a plan specific to you.
  4. Weekly Consultations - Check in on your progress with regular meetings with Dr. Powell.

Certain medical conditions may contribute to stubborn weight gain. Do any of the following apply to you? Dr. Powell can help!

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • Menopause
  • Depression and Anxiety

Real Reviews: What Our Practice Members Say

  • cyndee chronister Avatar
    cyndee chronister
  • Catalina Quiroz Avatar
    Catalina Quiroz
  • Loren Merritt Avatar
    Loren Merritt
  • Ed Lloyd Avatar
    Ed Lloyd
  • Dynamic Spine and Wellness is a Chiropractic Office. The staff is very kind. The office is always clean and they practice COVID-19 safety. Your wait time isn't long.Dr. Powell is a great doctor. He will meet with you and give you an evaluation. He will later meet with you in his office to let you know what technique he feels that will help you. Even if it comes to financial issues, there are different solutions to help you.Dr. Powell is not into this for the money. He is really concerned about his patients. He tries to figure out what will help ease your pain. I'm very thankful for all of his services. I would recommend him to someone who is just tired of hurting constantly. Thanks so much Dr. Powell.

    Rosalind “Rah'Gee” Donaldson Avatar
    Rosalind “Rah'Gee” Donaldson
  • The staff is professional and friendly. Ready to access and address your concern.

    Sandra Tynes Avatar
    Sandra Tynes
  • Eunique Skepple Avatar
    Eunique Skepple
  • Shamaryia Lakay Avatar
    Shamaryia Lakay
  • Dr.Powell was very knowledgeable and Professional. He really cares about his clients. He made sure that I was 100% better. He had some suggestions for me to continue to help me in my healing process. I highly recommend him. Schedule your appointment.

    Pookie 2018 Avatar
    Pookie 2018
  • I was desperate when I met with Dr. Powell and my back pain seemed to be getting worse. During my consultation with Dr. Powell he listened to me, allowed me to ask questions, did X-rays and gave me information about what was going on with my back. Dr. Powell suggested a treatment plan and I have experienced much relief in such time. Dr. Powell is very thorough and knows his stuff. He and his staff are AWESOME!!! I highly recommend Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center!

    Tawandra James Avatar
    Tawandra James
  • Theartis Johnson Avatar
    Theartis Johnson
  • Dr Powell and his staff are very welcoming. Their customer service and care are the best I’ve experienced in Tallahassee. I’d definitely recommend Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center to anyone needing chiropractic care.

    Shawn M Avatar
    Shawn M
  • Allie Barringer Avatar
    Allie Barringer
  • Tommy Leathers Avatar
    Tommy Leathers
  • Staff is very friendly and professional. Best chiropractor I have ever experienced. Dr. Powell did an excellent job treating pain areas and addressed all my concerns.I will highly recommend anyone that want to be healed and pain free.

    Tarshell Washington Avatar
    Tarshell Washington
  • Excellent customer service! Dr. Powell always gets me "back" on track and felling better quickly!

    Dwalla Harrell Avatar
    Dwalla Harrell
  • Excellent customer service and the doctor truly cares about his patients.

    Nicole Alexander Avatar
    Nicole Alexander
  • Betty James Avatar
    Betty James
  • Very friendly environment. I love that they lay the prices out in front of you so that there are no surprises. Dr. Powell has done a great job working with me to alleviate back pain as well as answering any questions that I have!

    Mariah Hunter Avatar
    Mariah Hunter
  • Isra Craven Avatar
    Isra Craven
  • I am a 65 year-old that leads not an active lifestyle but, instead, an athletic lifestyle. Dr. Powell has helped me maintain this lifestyle by guiding me through varies physical challenges doing neck and back adjustments and deep muscle therapy. It is through his work with me that I have been able to continue to do what rings me great joy. Double thumbs-up for Dr. Powell and his staff.

    Tommy Thompson Avatar
    Tommy Thompson
  • The customer service is excellent! They strive to keep you on schedule and value your time. Dr. Powell is very detailed about your prognosis and the treatment that will be administered to make you feel better and to get you back on track! Enjoy the professionalism and the feeling of being apart of inclusiveness all at once! I recommend everyone to give this practice a try if this is the environment you are seeking.

    Khristen Johnson Avatar
    Khristen Johnson
  • Gail French Avatar
    Gail French
  • Dr. Powell and his staff are supper polite and very professional , I wished I lived closer Dr. Powell is the man . The facility was extremely clean . I walked in with and almost debilitating headache and thanks to Dr. Powell's knowledge and skill I was able to drive myself and my expecting wife home safely.

    Marcus Stratton Avatar
    Marcus Stratton
  • I loved how informative Dr. Powell was. I appreciated his honesty.

    Kaelyn D'Yanna Avatar
    Kaelyn D'Yanna
  • Jonathan Brantley Avatar
    Jonathan Brantley
  • Reyare Thomas Avatar
    Reyare Thomas
  • Daniel Huba Avatar
    Daniel Huba
  • David Key Avatar
    David Key
  • mikewithanuhh Avatar
  • sandra bristol Avatar
    sandra bristol
  • Gracie B Avatar
    Gracie B
  • Deanna Isaac Avatar
    Deanna Isaac
  • Excellent and friendly staff. My back pain has seen a lot of improvement over the last month. Much better than chiropractors in Tallahassee that I had seen previously

    Marissa Santiago Avatar
    Marissa Santiago
  • I really enjoyed the treatment from day one .. the customer service was absolutely amazing.The facility was very cleaned. The treatment I received was beyond my expectations. If, that’s a big, “IF”, I have to get treatment in the future I am going to Dynamic!

    Leonard DeShazier Avatar
    Leonard DeShazier
  • Dre H Avatar
    Dre H
  • After months of pain and not knowing the cause I finally got a relief. I can now sleep and live better from day to day. My prayers has been answered !!!!! AMEN

    Trenda Bsker Avatar
    Trenda Bsker
  • Dr. Powell is an outstanding chiropractor and physician. I have been a patient of his for over four years and have throughly enjoyed my viisits and treatments. He is simply the BEST!!!!

    Anthony Woodley Avatar
    Anthony Woodley
  • JUVV WORLD Avatar
  • Dr. Powell is the truth. He diagnosed me and we began treatment soon after. Straight forward to the point. If you're looking for a chiropractor that wants to see you recover go check out Dynamic Spone and Wellness.

    Ralph Boyer Avatar
    Ralph Boyer
  • Great experience, very professional and pleasant atmosphere!!!Highly recommend!!!

    Octavia Simmons Avatar
    Octavia Simmons
  • Dynamic Spine and Wellness is one of the best chiropractic offices I've ever been to. The nurses, Terry and Leandra, are incredibly sweet and are very welcoming. They're quick to help you out and make sure everything is ok at all times during your visit. Dr. Powell is very understanding and takes the time to explain his process and how best to make you feel better. He was incredibly honest and patient with me about my health and needs and I really appreciated that! He is also quite accommodating and will work with you to best plan your care. If I wasn't moving I would definitely keep seeing Dr. Powell and his excellent staff!

    J Tidwell Avatar
    J Tidwell
  • Gary Montgomery Avatar
    Gary Montgomery
  • Awesome place! The staff is very friendly and the Dr. is very good at explaining everything. I would highly recommend Dynamic Spine and Wellness Center of Tallahassee.

    J Moore Avatar
    J Moore
  • Dr Powell provides excellent chiropractic care. I have known Dr Powell for almost 3 years and I have found him to be a truly kind and caring chiropractor. He is very educated and focused on helping his patients feel better. Dr Powell and his staff are very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Dynamic Spine and Wellness

    Dawn Odom Avatar
    Dawn Odom
  • Dr. Powell is absolutely amazing! He provides a level of care that I haven't received at any other doctors' office. He uses a very natural approach to healing and takes the time to explain treatment options so that its understandable and patients know exactly what to expect. I look forward to going in for my visits because I know I am going to leave feeling so much better.Highly recommended!!!Update: Dr. Powell now offers weight loss treatment. I have tried everything, and I mean everything but nothing worked for me because I had other health issues that kept interrupting my progress. I had great results from my previous chiropractic treatment with him so I felt like giving the weight loss treatment a try. I investigated the website and then attended one of his free weight loss classes and signed up that same night. I started seeing immediate results within the first week. My endocrinologist was amazed at my lab reports and happy that I was finally able to lose weight. As a result, I was taken off one of my medications and I am so happy with my overall results. I definitely highly, highly recommend!

    J. Maharaj Avatar
    J. Maharaj
  • This chiropractor is amazing! My mother referred him when I was having arm numbness and tingling. He was able to find the issue quickly and has made me feel so comfortable and has been so transparent through the healing process. You definitely feel the love and nurture from this man!

    Charity Huba Avatar
    Charity Huba
  • Every time I go into this office I am greeted with a warm smile, care and concern. I would recommend Dr. E. Powell to everyone!

    Kendra Strong Avatar
    Kendra Strong
  • Erastus Ogunti Avatar
    Erastus Ogunti
  • W Rogers Avatar
    W Rogers
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